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My mind travels outside at this time of year. I see the earth coming back to life and the new life sprouting up, and it makes me feel hopeful and full of positivity. Now more than ever after this loooonnnnnggggg year, I try to seize on these moments as catalysts for personal growth to put hope and positivity into action. I love the Robin Williams quote, "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's


Here are a few inspirational thoughts for this motivational season that might help you take the action you need and get your party on!

GET MOVING! If you're down or listless from months of inactivity, this may sound like a big ask. Think about how great you feel after you do your favorite light exercise or stretching. Concentrate on that as you work that movement into your schedule, at first for short periods, a few times a week, and then every day, and then maybe up to two times a day. Make it enjoyable and a natural part of your life. I warn you, however, this can be a "gateway drug" to real serious exercise! Careful!

Physically you will find this movement to help your lymphatic system, your skin, your joints, and even your mood and cognitive function. It's what we're meant to do.


During this long year, many have gotten into ruts of listlessness when it came to maintaining friendships and connections. Take a few minutes to write down the names of three people that inspire you, who you wou

ld like to be more like, whose "mojo" you enjoy. Think about what you'd learn by being their friend and how much fun you might truly have by expanding that part of yourself. Take the plunge and reach out! See if they can answer a question for you, invite them to a zoom wine event with a few pals, or text them occasionally with something inspirational you think they'd really be into. Start that conversation and see where it goes.

We need to tend our friendships more than ever. We've been through a lot and we need that amazing support system that keeps us happy and healthy! WEED YOUR "GARDEN"

In the interest of seeing this Spring and nature-loving theme through, I use this illustration in regard to your physical health. Your body is your garden. You want to feel spectacular in this new season but you need to check out what's going on inside to make sure nothing is standing in your way. Get that garden weeded. Contact me for your bioenergetic screening so we can get your garden flourishing just in time.

As a health care professional and, in a sense, coach, I see the potential in all of you and want you to go out and "get it."

Warm Regards, Tracy Abraham, President of Amplify Health & Wellness

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