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Our Story

Our journey with alternative healthcare began when our youngest daughter was 5 years old. She had hundreds of little bumps called Molluscum all over her face, neck, chest, and back. We had visited the dermatologist several times over the course of a year. Each visit would result in her getting several areas burned off her body. Her doctor's hope was that it would boost her immune system, ultimately allowing her body to learn how to fight it off on its own. 

After many failed attempts, and a traumatized little girl, we decided to seek alternative treatments. We were introduced to an Electrodermal Stress Analysis (EDS) Technician and decided to have our daughter scanned. The scan revealed she was highly intolerant to dairy along with a few other items. We faithfully followed through on the nutrition and herbal protocol recommended. Within 3 days, her hundreds of little bumps had completely disappeared. We couldn't contain our amazement and joy!

Needless to say, we knew we had stumbled upon something special. We then had my husband scanned. (Jason had been diagnosed with Chron's Disease at the age of 20 and was on 3 different medications to suppress his immune system.) We were simply amazed at how the scan was able to determine the underlying cause of his illness. Before long, my husband chose to go off of all of his medications because he no longer needed them.  His body began healing itself because he was doing the right things to nurture his body. 

These are just two examples out of many that made it an easy transition for us to continue our natural healthcare journey with our family. We love learning about our amazing body and have always wanted to make this technology available to more people. We were thrilled when the opportunity was made available to us for me to get certified as an EDS technician. We couldn't wait to start helping others feel as great as our family did!

Now, we continue to receive ongoing education to keep current with the latest updates and products. What an absolute joy it has been to hear amazing testimonials of how drastic people's lives have changed for the better after starting their own unique protocols.

We hope you will be next!