Michelle G. ~ Neenah, WI

The footbaths have helped me with so much!  I had been struggling with gum and tooth pain for over a year, and after following the foothbath protocol that came up when Tracy tested me for gum pain, it was gone, and hasn't come back!  

Also, if I can get in when I am catching a cold, I feel better part way through the footbath and can fight it off before it comes on.  If I'm already sick, with a few foothbaths I can fight it off way faster and function in my day to day activities when normally I'd be down and out. This is really convenient to be able to kind of control when I really need to be my healthiest, since I always seem to get sick when I have large events.

Lastly, the Clear Line Detox program gives me energy when I can't seem to beat my fatigue.  I always end up cleaning my house afterward.

Love the footbaths!  Highly recommended!